Terri and her Dad sharing a joyful discussion
Happy Heart Creates Joyful Care Journeys!



Our Philosophy

Happy Heart revolves around our clients, colleagues, and communities. We strive to deliver a unique personal care experience that includes laughter, attentiveness, and most importantly, client/family specific care. We believe in providing holistic care along with sharing a joyful journey. Our services include senior care, childcare and any age in between (pets included).

Handyman services include: minor cosmetic repairs, plumbing, maintenance, and ADA equipment installation. We also provide monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly home checks and will wrap outdoor faucets upon request. We provide home assessments to determine your home care needs.

Our Story

Happy Heart’s humble beginnings occurred in 2009 while Terri was in the hospital setting educating nursing students. She witnessed many patients who required additional care before, during, and after a hospital stay. Terri found it discouraging that many patients returned home with little to no support. Consequently, the idea was born…create a way to provide quality home care services to not only prevent future hospital admissions, but help seniors age in place and enjoy staying in their homes for as long as possible. Another vital aspect of personal care is to provide assistance to families whose loved ones are currently hospitalized and need more information and support during this challenging time.

It took 10 years to finally realize her dream of opening Happy Heart Home Care in Blairsville and serve the mountain communities. Terri considers the old saying as “Better late than Never” as extremely accurate in this case!

Meet the Happy Heart Team

We like to think that we are a joyful couple!

Terri Loves the Beach!

Terri Worthey PhD, RN

RN Director/Owner

Terri moved to Blairsville 3 years ago with her husband, David who had recently retired. She loves hiking, boating, and every fun thing there is to do here but mainly she loves being surrounded by the natural beauty. Her passion is to care for people and be active in community outreach.

David Loves Cinnamon Rolls!

David Worthey

Home Repair Coordinator

David is retired from 3M and enjoys hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. He is also a very skilled handyman and can fix “just about” anything. He too loves living in the mountains and really likes the fact that he no longer has to drive 2 hours round trip commute to work. David’s passion is to eat- lol!


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